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09/13/22 09:27 AM #37    

Holly Thomason (Hays)


What a wonderful time we all had this past weekend!  Thank you to everyone who made this reunion happen!  I am so grateful everyone hung in through postponements to make this is so much fun!  The weekend was just perfect!  To Mike Horton, thank you for your tribute to our classmates who have gone on.  Out prayers are with you and Pam.  Let's all keep in contact with those we reconnected with this weekend.  Friends are precious gems!



09/13/22 11:42 AM #38    

Dana Kinerd

After reading all the comments I am so glad everything turned out so well.  Kim and I were so excited excited about coming and then things happen that kept us from attending.  Hopefully we will be able to attend another if there is one.  Kudos to all who put it together 

09/13/22 11:51 AM #39    

Sara Fincher (Simpson)

I totally agree with the others who couldn't attend the reunion.  I'll be sad forever that I couldn't make it, but love to all who were there and to those who, like me, had to miss it.  To thee, CHS...

09/13/22 01:44 PM #40    

Charles Ramsay

I too want to express my appreciation to the reunion committee for a job extremely well done.  All the work done provided for a wonderful time for all who attended.  For those who couldn't or didn't attend you certainly missed an enjoyable time.  The opportunity to see and catch up with classmates and old friends was better than I could have imagined.  Thank you again for all the hard work and long hours given to the success of the events.  May God continue to bless your lives.

Charlie  (AKA: Chicklet)


09/13/22 03:32 PM #41    

Vicki Lynne Dublin (Goodwin)

I loved the reunion so much. Seeing so many who were so special to me when we were in high school was such a gift. And having the chance to talk with others who I didn't know as well was also special. We all shared the same school and time. And it is just amazing to know that was 50 + 2 years ago (and then some). Thanks to all of you who kept this going through the pandemic until we finally made it. It was really a wonderful time and I am so grateful.

09/13/22 04:22 PM #42    

Michael Lee Holt

I'm a little late with my comments, but what a great time...and my wife and I only made the Friday evening event. Seeing everyone again after all this time was one of the great joys of my life. Thanks to everyone who had a part planning and emplenting. It was superb! 

09/13/22 05:25 PM #43    

Alice M. Rutledge (Burns)

Many many thanks to you, the Reunion Committee, for organizing and executing such an amazing reunion! What a fun event and definitely worth the wait!  As the microphone was passed around the room and I heard my classmates' names, it struck me how fortunate we all were to have grown up in Abilene, Texas, during that period of time, with such quality and accomplished individuals. Our history together is long. Our feelings of deep friendship strong. I'll never forget that night. Much love and God bless each of you.  Alice Rutledge (Burns)

09/13/22 10:36 PM #44    

Carol Bloomer (Nelson)

Cheers and congratulations to the Cooper host committee for an outstanding 50+2 Reunion! Everything was so well organized and you pulled off an excellent set of venues and events! It was a treat to see friends from elementary school through high school. It's amazing to realize the impact on our lives for the few years we were together. Thank you to everyone who attended! This Reunion was definitely a milestone in our lives!!

09/14/22 03:35 PM #45    

William Menzie

It was wonderful to see you all again after sooooooo long. I had a great time catching up with old friends and acquaintances.My only regret is that Bill Core couldn't be there. It is because of him that I was able to join this site and ultimately attend the reunion. My heartfelt thanks to the entire class of 1970. See you guys in another 50 years!!!

09/14/22 04:06 PM #46    

Paula McCoy (Meyer)

The 50+ 2 reunion was very well organized and planned. I attended  both Friday & Saturday. It was a fun time to see classmates and spouses .... catch up, laugh and renew friendships!  The slide/PowerPoint presentation and narration made us all laugh, shake our heads... agree and reminisce about things that are wonderful memories.  The presentation of Classmates gone was very moving and Mike did a wonderful job.

I heard someone say "picture time" was like hearding  CATS!" 😂🤣Yes.... I agree. It was nice to be reminded who we attended elementary and jr high with. Thanks to all who made that effort to travel, plan and attend the events.  We should try to improve on our reaching out to the LOST list as I'm sure we can all get a hold of a few of those people in the list. 
Thanks again,
Paula McCoy Meyer

09/14/22 04:42 PM #47    

Suzanne Arvin (Rogers)

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Thank you to everyone involved for all three years for making this happen. I have a coffee mug that says good friends are like stars. You can't always see them, but you know they are there. This reunion was an opportunity to star gaze. What fun!   May the LORD bless and keep you all so we can do it again.

09/14/22 09:20 PM #48    

Marilyn Armstrong (Spence)

A  giant  TEXAS  thank you to each and everyone of you who labored  3  years to produce  our  50+2 Reunion.  I wasn't  sure if we were able to make it,  but we  are  so grateful we  were there! Truly a major  highlight of  mine over these  last  years of  Covid.  Mike and Pam, we are so sorry you are  dealiing  with such difficult  medical issues, but we  will pray Pam's  treatments  will be  100% successful.  Mike the  tribute to our  fellow Cougar graduates who have  gone to Glory was  so deeply touching, and seeing their  faces brings  back so many memories.  Thank you so much for working so hard on the video. It  reminds us of how  valuable  our friendships are.  I so loved  seeing so many wonderful friends, and the  fantastic  video Jay Moore  put together. Jay is a creative genius and a  brilliant  writer.  Just viewing all those events, places, and  people from so many years  ago was truly unbelievable!  I wanted to see more.  It really brings  back so many joy's of  growing up in Abilene and attending Cooper with the greatest  classmates ever.

Thank you all again for  making  this reunion  the  very best  ever! We  missed so many and hope those who could not attend will make  the effort to attend in the near  future!!  We loved  every minute!!  Marilyn

09/15/22 02:43 PM #49    

Mike Mayes

“The better part of one’s life consists of their friendships.” Abraham Lincoln


          At our Reunion I relished in the memories and soaked in the sounds of the voices of friends that I made as a child and teenager. As it happened, I found myself totally unprepared for the emotions that swept through me.

Seeing all of you, hugging many of you, hearing your stories, listening to your thoughts about yesteryear, watching the videos, remembering our youth ... what a weekend!  It was overwhelming.

         And when it ended, I was at a loss for words to describe it. It was so much more important than what I expected. It wasn't only about the individual memories and feelings that each of us revisited that made our weekend so special. It was about our friendships being rekindled and our youthful joys being reignited in a way that soothed our very souls and brought laughter and smiles to our aged faces. I had no idea ... but now I do.

       What else could we have hoped for?

       What more could we have wanted? 


        It was exactly what it should have been... it was what made us who we are and who we want to be... friends forever bound by our mutual experiences. 


"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together." Woodrow Wilson


       And as we go forward from here…my prayer is for all of you and yours: 

“May the LORD bless you and keep you; 

May the LORD cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; 

May the LORD lift up His countenance toward you and give you peace.”

Numbers 6: 24-26


Your friend forever,

Mike Mayes 



09/15/22 03:20 PM #50    

Paula Wheeler (Schanbacher)

I can tell from all the comments that the Reunion was amazing.  So sorry I was not able to attend and see everyone and catch up again.  Hopefully our paths will cross again someday. Hope you are all doing well.  Paula




09/22/22 07:53 PM #51    

Susan Livingston (McKeever)

Hey CHS Class of 1970!!  If you are on Facebook, look at the COOPER HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1970 group Facebook page for pictures from our 50+2 Reunion!  With some very expert help, I was able to get those pictures posted.  Patty Reed Knight, Jean Jensen Eckert, and Randy Rudd contributed the pictures.  The Memorial Video is also posted there.  Mike Horton did a beautiful job of honoring our deceased classmates in that video.

Do ANY OF YOU have pictures that you took at any of the 3 events?  We have only two from Saturday night!  If you would like to share some photos to the group Facebook page, please email the pictures to me:  We will do our best to get them posted!

It was a magical time of JOY for all who attended, and we missed those who weren't able to attend!

Susan Livingston McKeever

09/23/22 12:31 PM #52    

Katanna Wright (Zachry)

It sounds love ke the reunion was a rousing success! I wish I could gave made it! Were any of our wise and patient former teachets there? Bill Overton lives in Haskell,  but I'm not sure about any of the others. Katanna Wright Zachry

09/24/22 09:14 AM #53    

Brenda Crawford (Gerard)

I just can't thank everyone enough! The committee just did a fabulous job. What an awesome thing to be able to see and enjoy each and every attendee. Life is so precious and so fragile. I kept looking around that room and thinking, we will never have this exact moment again. It was so wonderful to visit with everyone. I just needed more time. I am sad for those who were unable to attend. 
Michael and Pam, our hearts are with you. The memorial tribute was amazing and meant so much to each of us! Thank you again!! 

Brenda Crawford Gerard 

01/06/23 09:44 AM #54    

Mike Glover

Just read that our good friend has passed.  Pam and Mike were some of our best teachers--the power of love between two people and the determination to make a life together--powerful, sweet memories--wonderful friends. Safe journey, Pam.  RIP

01/07/23 03:38 PM #55    

Randall (Randy) Rudd

So sorry to hear of Pam's passing. She was a wonderful person, and she and Mike were an example to us all on how to live life. So long, Pam. You will be missed.

01/07/23 05:06 PM #56    

Brenda Blessing (Ratliff)


First things first:

Mike Horton - I'm so sorry for your loss. You and Pam were one, and I loved you both together and apart. Never doubt that you are being prayed for. You exhibited true selflessness in producing such a heartfelt tribute to our classmates while going through such a difficult time yourself. You are amazing.

Reunion committee - I know what it's like to plan and plan and plan, and then the big event goes by in record time and you're exhausted almost to the point that you wonder if all the work was worth it. Let me assure you, it WAS! It was perfect. So not only thank you, but BLESS you!!!

In keeping with my tendency to share from my personal treasure box of reunion memories:

Funniest moment: Friday night sitting at the table with Glen Knowles. In an effort to strike up a conversation with him I politely asked him, "Glen, so where are you now?" His reply was, "Now?" I said yes. So he hands me his glasses and says, "Brenda, I'm right here." He's always been a smart ass, Still is.


Most embarrassing moment: Singing the Madison school song SOLO! What the heck??? I assumed others would join in. Where's that Bison spirit? You would've thought I was speaking a foreign language. Yes, I remember the school songs from Austin, Madison and Cooper, and so does my sister. The big question is Why doesn't anyone else????? C'mon guys. 

Dennis Owens - My twin that I love dearly. So glad he was able to make it. 

Mike Mayes - My forever friend and our fearless leader (class President). I knew you'd be glad you came, and it wouldn't have been the same without you. You and Chicklet. 👍

My tennis pals - Marilyn, Vickie, Jean, Carol, Terri - You are even more beautiful now than you were in high school.

Alice Rutledge (Burns) - Glad you were finally able to come. You've always been bright and beautiful, and you still are.

Kathy Hoefer - So glad you were there! Good to be around someone who shares the same sense of humor and makes me smile. 

My precious classmates - What an honor to grow up with you. There was a lot of love in that room, and that's why our feelings are so hard to pinpoint. It's genuine love - very rare, but very real. So thankful for all of you. We are who we are because of each other. That special bond is permanent.

And lastly - Chicklet (I had to get that in one more time.)


01/08/23 05:38 PM #57    


Michael Horton

The Familes of Pamela Elizabeth Hunter Horton are Celebrating Her Life with a Gathering. All are invited. The link to the event is shown below. God Bless the C.H.S. Class of 1970.

01/20/23 10:51 PM #58    


Michael Horton

An Angel Among Us 01-12-23

I have posted numerous videos and Perspectives about Pam and her Brave Battle Against Cancer on Facebook over the years, especially recently. But the final chapter deals with missing information that I wanted everyone to know.

After many years of marriage, many couples reminisce about their ADVENTURES together and PASSIONS they had during that time.

Pam and I were no different. During her last few months, although she could only speak in a whisper, we did just that!

And Oh!! The Adventures We Had!! From the fishing trips throughout the Big Horn Range in Wyoming… to the land we bought in Montana just north of Bozeman.

From the Trips to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole (her favorite place)… to camping trips with the Kids and Friends throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri.

From numerous trips with close Friends and often with our boys to Las Vegas, Shreveport/Bossier City and Disney World, and many places in between..

From Don Grogan’s Haunted House in his Barn with Scout Troop 520 and many years at Reindeer Manor…to driving to Red River, NM with 520 mothers to await their husbands and boys to come down from the Tooth of Time signifying the end of the 10 day Philmont Trek, and the Adult Leaders now sporting beards from not shaving that entire time and 20 lbs. lighter! And boy, that first real meal after almost 2 weeks of freeze dried food was so awe inspiring !…..

But it DID NOT even compare to seeing our wives and or mothers waiting for us below. As for me, after seeing Pam waiting for me after those tough treks was absolutely HEAVEN SENT!! I absolutely felt that I was in the Presence of an Angel.

As afore mentioned, we also had our Passions. My Passions became Her Passions, and Visa Versa. From feeding and monitoring over 2,500 Hummingbirds every Spring through Fall… to Feeding other wild birds and the ample presence of White Tail Deer and Racoons on our property.

From raising Rhode Island Red Hens and Roosters and selling their eggs to many families in our general area… To breeding and raising Mallard Ducks and Toulouse Geese.

From planting Pecan, Peach, Pear, and Apple Trees and numerous other Trees… to working two gardens for years and growing Okra,Tomatoes, Asparagus, Yellow and Zucchini Squash, Flame Grapes and Blackberries!

From baking 8 varieties of No Preservative Gourmet 2lb Deli Loaves of Bread, Kolaches, Banana and Zucchini Bread, and selling them along with our delicious Fresh Brown Eggs at the Mineola Farmer’s Market to… Helping Needy Families at Christmas in the greater Mineola area with Caring and Sharing for 12 years. That was one of her Favorite Passions because we were all volunteers and she just loved that we were from all ethnic backgrounds and social classes and came together to work our butts off to pull it off every year!!! To see all of those young people taking the baskets out to the cars full of Toys, Gifts, and Food including Hams and Turkeys made her so Proud to participate. Again, I had a living Angel in my midst!!!

From participating in the Golden Sweet Potato Festival and me getting numerous Blue Ribbons for photography….. to the Coup De Tat!!! Pam was one of the few to win the Grand Champion Award in both baking classes… One for Her Sweet Potato Pie and the other for her Sweet Potato Kolaches!!! I cannot describe how much pride swelled inside of me when My Angel accepted both awards!!

Another passion of ours was Music, in particular Blue Grass and Classic Rock. I burned at least 50 Cds with her favorite music so she could listen in her car. We would often sit on our second story deck to marvel at the view during the day and the stars and constellations at night. And we usually had her music playing loud enough downstairs to hear it above.

While the Boer Goats were my Passion, it quickly became hers as well. She never missed a beat giving the new Kids their Colostrum and numerous goats life saving injections at times.

But as most of you know, her second greatest Passion was her Mini Aussies. We had at least 15 quality litters over the years and adopted out well over 120 “Chuppies” even after we kept all of the first litter “Because No One Qualified!” Legends like Scooby, Penny, Liquor, Lancelot, Bhutto, Buster Brown (who at 14+years old is still with us),Boo Boo, Scooby 2,Prissy,Panda Bear a.k.a.(Minky Moo), Hootie, and Whinny Pooh were all bred through her commitment to excellence with me as her Assistant for support. Seeing her work with those Chuppies again made me feel that I was in the Presence of an Angel.

But Gratefully Pam’s Greatest Passion was always Me!! And from the Time I saw her until she took her last breath I was madly and hopelessly in love with a Bona-fide Earthly Angel. She ALWAYS put me first, right behind her undying faith in Her Savior. Everyone has their HEROES…..and Pam, my partner and soul mate for ¾ of my life was and will always be my Hero and The Wind Beneath My Wings. And I and most of you know in our hearts that she will fit in quite nicely into Paradise as an Angel, because of the Angelic Resume She Fulfilled and Brought with her while she lived as a Mortal on Earth.

R.I.P. My Love, I have Always Loved You, And Will Love You Always. My Last Passion is to strive to be more like you until I also take my last breath. Can’t wait until I see you again…. Although I have no Doubt I will be Significantly Outranked!!!


01/21/23 03:50 PM #59    

Vicki Lynne Dublin (Goodwin)

What a beautiful life so well lived. I'm so glad you have such wonderful memories.

01/22/23 02:44 PM #60    

John Clark

Mike, what a fabulous tribute to Pam.


10/17/23 05:11 PM #61    

Rick Evans

Wow, what a fast year!  Just re-read the posts after the 50+2 Reunion and smiled and was inspired all over again.  Thanks again, Committee; thanks to all who made the trek and shared memories.  Great tribute to Pam, Mike.  Such a great example to us all, y'all were.  Very best blessings to each of you as we start closing in on 50+4

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