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•   BEaLe Bernson  11/9
•   Barry Jenkins  9/24
•   Cherye Diane West (West-Tucker)  9/23
•   Danny Odom  9/17
•   William Menzie  9/13
•   Russell Banks  8/26
•   Jan Brock (Harding)  8/19
•   Vicki Dawn Chandler (Chandler)  7/12
•   Darold Calk  7/3
•   Nita Johnson Smith (Brewer)  7/1
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•   John Payne  12/14
•   Teresa Woolam (Milam)  12/14
•   David L. Cooke  12/17
•   Deborah Villines (Claeys)  12/17
•   Ken Jones  12/18
•   Donna Sue Smith (Saffel)  12/20
•   Joe McCreight (McCreight)  12/25
•   Marilyn Swilling (Thomas)  12/25
•   Randall E. Anderson  12/29
•   Patti Crockett (Esposito)  12/30
•   Bettie Bowen (High)  12/31
•   Christy Swann (Black)  12/31
•   Nita Johnson Smith (Brewer)  1/3
•   Michael Dykes  1/5
•   Benji Wofford  1/5
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Cooper High School
Class Of 1970

/000/7/9/7/14797/userfiles/file/classmates70.xlsWELCOME!  to the Cooper High Class Of 1970 web site.




Dear Classmates:

45 years.  Sobering, isn't it.   And the good news is that it is time for another Reunion.  Though plans are still being confirmed, your C.H.S. Reunion Planning Committee wants you to know "what we know" at this moment, so you can begin planning and setting aside time.

Our 45th. Reunion will occur in Abilene on the weekend of September 11 and September 12, 2015.  We have elected to program a single "group" event, which will occur on the evening of Saturday, September 12, exact time and location (and cost) still TBD.

The sense of your Reunion Committee is that this reunion ought be a bit "lower key" as we look forward to our 50th....a much bigger "do" ...... in 5 short years.

Though we are planning a single, intentional, "group" event for the 45th, there are a couple of additional activities that will be available on an "a la carte" basis: 

Friday night (9-11-15) is the scheduled C.H.S. vs. A.H.S. football game.  Saturday morning, Eddie Elmore will be organizing/hosting a "competitive challenge event" which will involve competition between the three Junior Highs that fed our Class of 70 at Cooper; the working title (tentative) of this competition is the Cooper Cup, and may involve Disc Golf, perhaps a 5K, Bowling, etc.  More on this event as details are confirmed.

Additionally, Joe Hawkins will organize a Golf Event for those who would be interested.  More on this as details are confirmed.

And of course, the absence of an "intentional Class event" on Friday evening and Saturday during the day would NOT PRECLUDE interested folks getting together for unique "mini-reunions" or other smaller cluster activities. 

Finally, attached to this note is a file (yes, we are aware:  MARRIED and MAIDEN names may be flipped in this file) of "the lost".  These folks have not joined our site and thus we effectively are not in communication with them (or they with US).  Look over the list and if there be folks with whom you have a continuing relationship, please contact them and encourage them to come to this site and register, so that at at MINIMUM they will get communications about Reunions, etc.  This site (posted email addresses) is the only way we contact folks.  Currently we only have accurate records on some 200 members of our original class.  Following is the link to the LOST:

From:  Your Reunion Planning Committee, composed of:

Bill Core

Jean Jensen Eckert

Patty Crockett Esposito 

Norma Thompson Harper  , 

Lynn Ingram

Susan Livingston McKeever  ,

Kathy Shackelford  


  Questions that JUST WON'T WAIT?:  contact Bill Core @  and/or 325-677-6181 



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The Web-Site registration has been extended.  THANKS! to the following folks who contributed funds to enable this extension:

Barbie Leighton Cordier, Bill Core, Mark Davis, Ed Elmore, Mike & Pam Horton, Clark Lawrence,

Carol Bloomer Nelson